Spreading Coue's method.

Sample Cures of Emile Coue

Here are typical and striking examples of results which can be achieved using Coue's method. There are many more. These are taken from Emile Coue's Self Mastery.

What's is in Coue's "Trick"?

To use autosuggestion you must grasp Coue's "trick".

The training to learn this "trick" as stated by Coue himself in his Self Mastery:

.... This training which perhaps seems to you an impossibility, is, however, the simplest thing in the world ....

What is Will Power?

I want to write about Will power something which I've learned from Emile Coue's teachings.

Here I go.

Firstly what is Will power?

Will power and effort ( or to try) are all same and are faculty of our Conscious brain. When in dream we see all things happening but without effort. If you find applying any effort - that's the Will power.

First International Congress of Emile Coue's method at Nancy 2, 3 and 4 September 2011.

I understand only little bit of French. I've come to know that first ever conference on Emile Coue's method has been conducted successfully at Nancy, France from 2nd to 4th Sep. 2011.

My Conversation with Dr. Joseph Moccia

I'm too small a person to write about Dr. Joseph Moccia(please find Dr. Moccia’s little profile I’ve prepared) who may be the only person in this world teaching Coue’s “trick”. I can only imagine how it feels like getting cured. I’m so fortunate to have met with Dr. Moccia, at Surprise, AZ in March, 2008 during my trip to US.

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