What is Will Power?

I want to write about Will power something which I've learned from Emile Coue's teachings.

Here I go.

Firstly what is Will power?

Will power and effort ( or to try) are all same and are faculty of our Conscious brain. When in dream we see all things happening but without effort. If you find applying any effort - that's the Will power.

Conscious mind is used to make a decision, to like/unlike, hate, love, for emotion etc. Biologically Conscious brain is newer than the Unconscious brain and this exactly separates us from animals.

Coué never ever talked about Will power or effort except for insisting that "You must do it away completely". Period.

You must not waste your time training your Will power.

Look here what Coue's says:

..... This remark is of capital importance, and explains why results are so unsatisfactory when, in treating moral ailments, one strives to re-educate the will. It is the training of the imagination which is necessary, .......

Will power can't do anything :

....... Thus we who are so proud of our will, who believe that we are free to act as we like, are in reality nothing but wretched puppets of which our imagination holds all the strings. ......

... 1. When the will and the imagination are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception. .....

You've got it right! It is imagination which holds our all strings while will power controls none. So using autosuggestion we must train only our imagination. And nothing else:

... But above all, and this is an essential point, the will must not be brought into play in practising autosuggestion; .......

When using Autosuggestion, shun Will power like a disease. When using it, not only it does not give what you want but also it back-fires:

... Now, remember that efforts are determined by the will; if you bring the will into play, you run a serious risk of bringing the imagination into play too, but in the contrary direction, which brings about just the reverse of what you desire ...

So the key to cure is to use Coue's trick. Use only imagination without any Will power or effort - you'll definitely get results. Just relax your mind( and keep Will power at bay):

...... Only one of the former patients failed to report an improvement. 'Monsieur,' said Coué, "you have been making efforts. You must put your trust in the imagination, not in the will. Think you are better and you will become so." ......

Defining what is Will power


WILL is not a Power

WILL is not a force.
WILL serves the forces.
WILL comes from SELECT.

I want to eat means
I choose to eat.

To fill you up you need 1 x to select + 1 x to eat.

Good luck!


Der Wille ist keine Kraft.
Der Wille bedient sich der Kräfte.
WOLLEN kommt von WÄHLEN.

"Ich will essen" bedeutet: "Ich wähle, zu essen."

Um satt zu werden,
muss Du 1 x wählen + 1 x essen.

Guten Erfolg !

Franz Josef Neffe

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