First International Congress of Emile Coue's method at Nancy 2, 3 and 4 September 2011.

I understand only little bit of French. I've come to know that first ever conference on Emile Coue's method has been conducted successfully at Nancy, France from 2nd to 4th Sep. 2011.

The site dedicated to this conference is I'm pasting the text from the home page of this site converted from French to English by Google Translate. You can read the French site in English by clicking here.

Here is the Google Translated text:

Congress Coué: Coue Method, autosuggestion and contemporary applications.

Deutsch Fusszeile

Evening of September 4, 2011: The first international congress of the method is complete and Coue was the opinion of all a great success.

The first conference took place thanks to the commitment of Giammario Trippolini Coué coordinator of the various associations in Switzerland.

This conference has received wide press coverage and exceptional coverage deserved exceptional method accessible to all

This conference was conducted masterfully by the moderator Dr. Dominique Notter, Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Nancy who has ASSURRE the "red thread".

He concluded with the words of John Lennon's song "Beautiful Boy"

"Close your eyes Have no fear ... .. Every day in every way It's getting better and better "

"Close your eyes, do not fear ... Every day in every way It's getting better"

This conference is initiated by Couéistes Swiss, German and Austrian, with the collaboration of associations and practitioners "Coue" in France. This is an opportunity offered to professionals, practitioners and supporters of conscious autosuggestion to meet and discuss the famous "Coue Method" and its many applications. This conference is also an opportunity for all who want to learn to discover or rediscover this method internationally known.

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