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We’re committed to spreading Coue’s method to alleviate sufferings of most of the people in the world.

I pledge to work on the following agenda:

  • Consolidate the works, theory & success stories of Emile Coue
  • Consolidate the works, theory & success stories of Dr. Joseph Moccia, which is most important
  • Contact direct descendents of Emile Coue to gather more information about his work and theory
  • Work on to translate all information related to Coue present in French language to English language and make available all those information in this website
  • Help translate Coue’s literature to various languages(other than English) in the world.
  • Work on Coueism to take Coue’s work further ahead in the world ( including his wish that Coueism be introduced in reformatories etc)
  • Work on providing 24x7 Coueism online helpline to those looking learn “the method” to cure any sort of maladies
  • Create relevant non-profit-for-help ads in online media to disseminate Coue’s principles.
  • Research on the reason why Coueism was immediately forgotten after Coue’s death and why it was difficult to carry on.


Emile Coue

I would be very grateful to be put in contact with any direct descendants of Emile Coue. I speak some French and read it easily!

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