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It was 1995 when I was studying my engineering, when I got opportunity to read book on Emile Coue written by Harry C. Brooks. It was a turn around in my life. I immediately knew that "this is what I’ve been waiting for all along".

Since the time I became concious of “myself” at young age I observed that there was something wrong with me. During all the time that followed, I became expert in using the curse of “Will Power”.

It was 1998 when reached the lowest point of my life and wondered whether I’d ever be able to live. I was terribly tense for the next many years. I’m sure I’d not have lived till now if I never knew of Couism. I’d have died much early, young wondering "what’s wrong with me!". During the period of this extreme tension, my only consolation was Emile Coue’s book - Self Mastery, which I’d keep under my pillow and try to recite “Day by day....”.

Second greatest opportunity knocked my door, when I went to US in 2008 and I had the priceless once only as well as the last chance to meet Dr. Joseph Moccia who is, I think the only person left in this world practising Coue’s method. Well I did meet him – with my one of greatest wishes came true, however I could not still learn Coue’s "trick". I’m so close, but the trick still escapes me.

I finally gave up my last job 2 years back as I could not withstand immense tension that I was subject to, promising myself never to do any job. In the past 15 years, I’m happy to say that I’ve indeed managed to dodge my death to much extent. Any sort of job responsibility gives me immense tension, if I avoid it then I’m much better.

So here I’m in .com web development doing my own work of launching web sites. Launching Coue’s was always in my mind, I’ve now fulfilled this wish too.

This site is dedicated to teaching/helping everybody in the world to cure maladies using Coueism.





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